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Central Air Repair

Tips to Follow

1- You must keep heat sources (such as lamps and televisions) as far as possible from the thermostat. The heat causes the thermostat to misinterpret the ambient temperature. It causes excessive cooling and wastes energy.

2- Maintain the unit every year by a qualified professional. This will help the unit run more efficiently and prevent failures in the middle of the cold season.

3- Keep the condenser and filter clean. Keep leaves, herbs, and other debris out of the outer condenser. You should also clean the filter every month or replace it if necessary. Central air conditioning uses the same filter as your heating system.

4- Increase the thermostat temperature. When you are in the house, set the temperature a few degrees higher. When you leave the house, increase the temperature. Cooling the house when you return has less economic and energy cost than having the house cool all the time. So you can save up to 10% on air conditioning costs.

5- Do not let the heat of the sun enter. Close the blinds and curtains in the sunniest part of the house. This will help you keep the house cool, making the air conditioner use less energy.

6- Cool only the rooms that are in use. Close the doors of unused rooms to keep the areas where it is most needed cool.

7- Leave for the night or the cool hours the tasks that generate heat and humidity. Limit the use of the dishwasher, washer and dryer. Don't cook on the hottest days. This will avoid making the air conditioner work more.

8- Use the microwave oven instead of the standard oven. It generates less heat and humidity in the home.

9- Turn off electronic devices that are not being used, as they produce heat. Excess heat requires more energy for air conditioning and increases cooling costs.

10- Keep the ventilation grills free. Keep furniture and curtains away from them. This will help cool air into the rooms and prevent the air conditioner from circulating more than necessary.

11- Reduce heat build-up in the attic by installing proper ventilation. This will help you keep the house cool during the summer as well.

12- Keep the air conditioner away from the sun. Avoid the south and west sides of the home. Placing the air conditioner in the sun will make it take longer to cool the house and consume more.